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Looking for some Viking Weapons for LARP or to add to your collection? Find the best Viking Weapons and armor right here.
Stack of Viking swords in a unique display.

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Vikings used axes for everyday tasks such as chopping wood, caring and of course, in battle.
Nordic 12.2
Handmade Steel Double Headed Battle Axe

Plastic Two Handed Viking Axe
We have a wide selection of Viking helmets that are perfect for re-enactments or cosplay.
Viking Spangehelm with Chainmail
Side & Rear Gaurded Horned Viking Helmet
Viking Wolf Armor Helmet
Viking swords were seen as a symbol of power and strength, and owning one was a sign of status.
Realistic Viking Age Foam Sword
Museum Replicas - Erik The Red Viking Sword
34 inch Handmade Damascus Steel Viking Sword

What Weapons Did The Vikings Make & Use?

The Vikings were a fearsome people, known for their prowess in battle and their skill with weapons. While they had many different weapons at their disposal, some of the most famous were the longship, the battle-axe, and the sword.

The longship was a type of boat that was specifically designed for warfare, and it was used extensively by the Vikings. It was fast and maneuverable, and could easily navigate through shallow water and narrow passages.

The battle-axe was another iconic weapon of the Vikings. It was a large, two-handed axe that could inflict devastating damage on enemies.

The sword was also widely used by the Vikings. It was a versatile weapon that could be used for both cutting and stabbing enemies.

To help defend themselves in battle, the Vikings also used shields, body armor, and helmets.

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20 inch steel ragnar lothrok axe

Masterfully engraved wolf head on this bearded axe. This sturdy axe made from hardwood and carbon steel is sure to impress.

30 inch Handcrafted Viking Sword

Extremely high-quality carbon steel sword with sheath. Reliable for all your indoor and outdoor activities.

Viking Mask Helmet with Wings

Very iconic style. Polished brass and steel design with wooden stand.

More Viking Weapons

Most Iconic Viking Weapons

The most iconic Viking weapons were the battle axes. They were incredibly effective in close combat, and could easily cleave through helmets and shields.

Other popular Viking weapons included swords, spears, and bows & arrows. Viking warriors were considered some of the fiercest in the world, and their weapons played a large role in their fearsome reputation.

Viking axes were usually single-handed, though there were some two-handed varieties. The head of the axe was often quite ornate, with intricate carvings and designs. The axe was not only a deadly weapon but also a symbol of power and status.

Viking swords were also very popular weapons. They were typically about three feet long, with a double-edged blade. The swords were designed for thrusting and slashing and were very effective in close combat.

Viking spears were usually seven to eight feet long, with a metal point at the end. They could be used for thrusting or throwing and were often used in conjunction with a shield.

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