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Explore our collection of high quality Viking weapons for use or display. Axes, swords, & shields that bring the might & spirit of Norse warriors to life.

Our Most Highly Rated Viking Weapons

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Types of Viking Weapons

There are so many types of Viking Weapons and they fall into the following categories. Click on each one to find what you are searching for.

Viking Axes

SHINY CRAFTS- Camping Axe Tomahawk Viking Bearded Axe Christmas gifts-27 Long Odin's Double Edge Head Viking Axe Twin Blade Axe with Ash Wood Handle with Genuine Leather Sheath (VBA 13)

SHINY CRAFTS | Viking Axe,Hatchet,Throwing Axes,Hand Axe,Gifts for him,Wood Working Tool,Viking Gifts for Men,Camping Hatchet,Tomahawk,Bearded Axe

SHINY CRAFTS -Axes viking axe real weapon mens axes gifts for him- with Black Etching Authentic Medieval Pizza Cutter Axe, Norse Pizza Axe Gift, Carbon Steel Viking Axe with Sheath (SCA-027)

Discover the best Viking axes. Perfect for historical re-enactments, hunting, or as a unique, cultural display piece. Authentic & detailed craftsmanship.

Viking Helmets

AnNafi® Handcrafted Viking Wolf Armor Helmet Silver Finish | Medieval Helmets Metal Knight Helmets | Wearable for Adult | Medieval Costumes Chainmail | Helm Armor SCA LARP Replica Costume

Mythrojan Viking Warrior Steel Helmet with Horns Norse Medieval Costume Stage Prop LARP

AnNafi® Viking Helmet Battle Armor 18G Steel and Chainmail | Reenactment Display Collection | Medieval Helmets Metal Knight Helmets | Wearable for Adult | Helm Armor SCA LARP Replica Costume | Helmet

Own a piece of history with our Viking helmets. Authentic designs for collectors, enthusiasts, LARP, or costume parties. Protection for your head & face.

Viking Armor

HiiFeuer Viking Embossed Chest Armor with Medieval Leg Gaiters and Bracers, Vintage Middle Ages Mercenary Faux Leather Costume Set for LARP Ren Faire Halloween

Mythrojan Chainmail Shirt with Coif - Medieval Knight Renaissance Armor Chain Mail Hood Viking LARP Costume - Natural

Mythrojan Sturdy Full Grain Leather LAMELLAR Viking Varangian Armour. Ideal for Slavs Costume Warrior Vikings SCA LARP Cosplay - Black

Step into the past with our high quality Viking armor. Authentic designs perfect for re-enactments, LARP, collections or themed events

Viking Swords

Viking Sword Ragnar Lothbrok Sword Vikings Sword of Kings The Ragnar Sword Ironside Sword - Medieval Sword of Viking The Symbol of Kingship-Sword for Gift for Men |Medieval Barbarian Sword|

Norse Tradesman Handforged Spring Steel Viking Sword - Hand and a Half Hilt with Premium Cowhide Wrapped Wooden Scabbard & Leather Sword Belt - Helbítr

Custom Hand Forged Damascus Steel Swiss Dagger Sword Viking Gladius Double Edge Sword Gladiator Blood Grooved Sword

Explore the most exceptional Viking swords. Authentic Norse blades of quality craftsmanship for collectors, enthusiasts, LARP or as a unique gift.

Viking Shields

Swordsaxe Norse Viking Assassin Raider Medieval Eivor Valhalla Raven Battle Worn Viking Wooden Shield Odin Twin Raven 24"

Carfar Medieval Vikings Era Full Adult Size 30inch Warrior Shield Handmade Natural Wood Carved Battle Play Halloween Cosplay (Leif Erikson)

NAUTICA DECOR Medieval Ouroboros Battleworn Viking Shield 24 Inches Steel and Wood

Viking shields perfect for LARP, re-enactments or collections. Feel the strength & protection of Norse history in your hands showcasing intricate designs.

Viking Knives

Viking Culture 2-Piece Viking Knife Set - 10.3" Raven-Head Viking Knife with 6.5" Blade & Leather Sheath - 3" Celtic Pocket Knife with Necklace Case - Sharp Hand-Forged Real Carbon Steel

Topfeel 3PCS Butcher Knife Set, Hand Forged Serbian Chef Knife & Meat Cleaver Knife & Viking Knives, Meat Cutting Kitchen Knife Set for Home, Outdoor Cooking, Camping BBQ Gift Idea Men

VIKING Culinary German Steel Hollow Handle Cutlery Set, 6 Piece, Includes Protective Plastic Sleeve, All Essential Knife Types, Dishwasher Safe, Ash Wood Pattern Handles

Shop our historically inspired selection of Viking knives. Perfect for everyday use, historical enthusiasts or as a unique addition to your collection.

  • Viking Weapons Buyer's Guide


    The Viking Age, a period that spanned from the late 8th to the early 11th century, was marked by the prowess and bravery of Viking warriors. These Norsemen were renowned for their skills in battle, much of which can be attributed to their distinctive weaponry. Viking weapons were not just tools of war; they were also symbols of status, wealth, and craftsmanship. This guide is designed to help enthusiasts, collectors, and reenactors navigate the world of Viking weaponry, ensuring you find the perfect piece for your needs.

    Choosing Your Viking Weapon

    When selecting a Viking weapon, it’s important to consider the type, craftsmanship, and historical accuracy. The most iconic Viking weapons include swords, axes, spears, and bows, each with its own history and use in battle.

    • Swords: Viking swords were prestigious weapons, often richly decorated and used by warriors of high status. Look for replicas that emphasize craftsmanship, with attention to the hilt design and blade quality.
    • Axes: The Viking axe was a versatile weapon, used both in battle and for everyday tasks. When choosing an axe, consider the weight, balance, and the shape of the head, as these factors significantly affect its use.
    • Spears: Spears were common among Viking warriors due to their simplicity and effectiveness. A quality replica should have a well-crafted head and a sturdy shaft, suitable for both display and reenactment.
    • Bows: Although less glorified than swords or axes, bows were an essential part of Viking arsenals. A historically accurate Viking bow is characterized by its recurve design and moderate draw weight.

    Care and Maintenance

    Proper care and maintenance are crucial to preserve the beauty and integrity of your Viking weapon. Most replicas are made from steel and wood, materials that require regular maintenance to prevent rust and decay. Clean and oil the metal parts regularly, and ensure wooden components are kept dry and treated with appropriate oils or waxes.

    Display and Use

    Whether you’re purchasing a Viking weapon for display, reenactment, or educational purposes, it’s important to handle these pieces with respect. Ensure that swords and axes are displayed securely, away from the reach of children, and that spears and bows are stored properly to avoid warping or damage.

  • FAQs


    Are Viking weapons legal to own?

    Laws vary by country and region. In most places, owning a replica Viking weapon is legal, but there may be restrictions on carrying them in public places. Always check your local laws before purchasing.

    How can I tell if a replica is historically accurate?**

    Research is key. Look for replicas made by reputable manufacturers that specialize in historical weapons. Descriptions should detail the weapon’s historical context and the research that went into its design.

    Can Viking weapons be used for actual combat?

    While many replicas are built to withstand the rigors of combat reenactment, they should not be used for actual fighting. Always use weapons responsibly and within the context of organized, insured reenactment groups that follow safety guidelines.

    What materials are Viking weapon replicas made from?

    High-quality replicas are typically made from steel, wood, and leather. These materials best replicate the look, feel, and weight of original Viking weapons.

    How do I maintain the sharpness of my Viking sword or axe?

    Regular sharpening with a whetstone or honing steel can maintain the edge of your weapon. However, if your weapon is primarily for display, it may not need to be sharpened. Always handle sharp weapons with care.

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Carfar Medieval Vikings Era Full Adult Size 30inch Warrior Shield Handmade Natural Wood Carved Battle Play Halloween Cosplay (Leif Erikson)

30″ Wooden Carved Viking Shield

Handcrafted from solid wood and iron, this full-size Viking shield, perfect for decor or cosplay, embodies craftsmanship and historical spirit. Ideal for enthusiasts and collectors.

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5MOONSUN5 Horn Viking Drinking Mug Cups Tumbler Ale Beer Wine Goblet Tankard Mead Medieval Tumbler Ox Horn Beaker Vessels A Handmade set of 2 from (HBCUP-573)

Set of 2 10 Oz Simple Horn Cup Tumblers

Authentic buffalo horn Viking Mug offers a true medieval drinking experience, perfect for historical enthusiasts and fans of fantasy themes.

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California Costumes Viking Princess Adult Costume, Large

Womens Viking Vixen Costume

The Women's Viking Vixen Costume offers a bold, adventurous look with a customizable skirt, made from durable polyester and faux fur, perfect for themed events.

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Topfeel 3PCS Butcher Knife Set, Hand Forged Serbian Chef Knife & Meat Cleaver Knife & Viking Knives, Meat Cutting Kitchen Knife Set for Home, Outdoor Cooking, Camping BBQ Gift Idea Men

3 Piece Viking Knife Stainless Steel Set

The Topfeel 3PCS Butcher Knife Set offers hand-forged, multifunctional chef, cleaver, and Viking knives with high carbon steel blades and comfortable rosewood handles.

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Minnesota Vikings Framed 10" x 18" Stadium Panoramic Collage with Game-Used Football - Limited Edition of 500 - NFL Game Used Football Collages

Limited Edition Framed Stadium Collage

This limited edition Vikings panoramic collage with game-used football is a collector's gem, bridging fans with the team's storied legacy and spirit.

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