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Discover the best Viking axes. Perfect for historical re-enactments, hunting, or as a unique, cultural display piece. Authentic & detailed craftsmanship.

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  • Viking Axes Buyer's Guide


    Viking axes are not just tools of the past; they are symbols of heritage, craftsmanship, and unmatched utility. Whether you’re a collector, enthusiast, or someone looking for a functional tool, this guide will help you navigate through the nuances of choosing the perfect Viking axe.

    Types of Viking Axes

    • Battle Axes: Designed for combat, these axes are typically larger and heavier, featuring a wide, sharp blade that could deliver devastating blows.
    • Bearded Axes: Recognized by the extended lower portion of the blade, bearded axes allow for a better grip and versatility in handling. They were used in battle and for woodworking.
    • Throwing Axes: Smaller and lighter, these axes are balanced for throwing, a skill practiced by the Vikings for hunting and sport.

    Materials and Craftsmanship

    • Steel Quality: The best Viking axes are made from high-carbon steel, offering durability and a long-lasting edge. Stainless steel options are also available for those looking for less maintenance.
    • Handle Materials: Traditional axes come with wooden handles, typically ash or hickory, known for their strength and shock absorption. Modern adaptations might use composite materials for added durability.
    • Craftsmanship: Look for axes that are hand-forged or meticulously crafted to historical specifications. The authenticity of the design and attention to detail in the construction can greatly affect the axe’s performance and aesthetic appeal.

    Considerations Before Buying

    • Purpose: Determine whether the axe will be used for reenactment, display, woodcutting, or outdoor activities. This will guide you in choosing the right type and size.
    • Weight and Balance: The axe should feel comfortable in your hands, with a weight and balance that suits its intended use.
    • Maintenance: Understand the maintenance required to keep the axe in top condition, including sharpening the blade and caring for the handle.
  • FAQs


    Are Viking axes legal to own?

    Yes, in most places, Viking axes are legal to own. However, it’s important to check local laws and regulations regarding the possession and display of bladed weapons.

    Can I use a Viking axe for camping or outdoor activities?

    Absolutely! Many Viking axes are designed with functionality in mind. Look for a bearded axe or a smaller battle axe for versatility in chopping wood, making kindling, or other campsite tasks.

    How do I care for my Viking axe?

    Keeping your axe in good condition involves regular sharpening, oiling the blade to prevent rust, and ensuring the handle is dry and free from cracks. Store your axe in a dry place to prolong its life.

    What is the difference between a decorative and a functional Viking axe?

    Decorative axes are often designed with aesthetics as the primary focus, possibly sacrificing functionality. Functional axes are built to be used, with a sharp edge, sturdy handle, and proper balance. Ensure you know the purpose of your axe before purchasing.

    How can I ensure I’m buying a quality Viking axe?

    Purchase from reputable sellers or craftsmen known for their expertise in historical weapons. Look for reviews, detailed product descriptions, and information about the materials and crafting process.

    Are there modern uses for Viking axes?

    Yes, beyond historical reenactment and collection, Viking axes are excellent tools for woodworking, camping, and even sports like axe throwing. Their timeless design and functionality make them versatile tools even today.

    Can Viking axes be customized?

    Many craftsmen offer customization options, from engraving runes to selecting handle materials or blade designs. Custom axes can provide a personal touch or enhance the historical accuracy of the piece.

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