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When it comes to Viking axes, there are a lot of different options on the market. So, which one is the best? Well, that depends on your needs and what you plan to use it for. Here is a look at some of the best Viking axes available today.
Stack of Viking swords in a unique display.

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Note: The following products may use affiliate links, which can allow us to earn commissions if you make a purchase.

Best Small Axe
Nordic 12.2


  • Full Tang design with large 4.3″ cutting edge.
  • Intricate Viking designs on the blade.
  • Lightweight, tomahawk style for throwing.


  • The handle is quite simplistic.


This is a very useful tool, perfect as a gift or to add to your own collection. Plus it comes with a genuine leather sheath to allow safe carrying when hiking or camping.

Best Double Headed
Handmade Steel Double Headed Battle Axe


  • Large 30″ design weighing only 4.4 pounds.
  • Intricate design on the carbon steel blade.
  • Leather sheath.


  • Limited stock.


Very attractive double-headed battle axe with a large 10.5-inch cutting edge. Constructed to last this durable weapon can handle all cutting thrown at it or just put it up on your wall for display.

Best Fake Axe

Plastic Two Handed Viking Axe


  • Molded & painted plastic looks like polished wood & engraved metal.
  • Large blade and handle measuring 26″ in total.


  • We wish it was real!


This genuine-looking toy axe is great for fancy dress parties where drinks are involved or for children’s costumes.

Best Mini Axe
Carved Steel Pizza Cutter Axe


  • Bring Viking history into your pizza nights.
  • Cool ornate carving on the blade.
  • Awesome gift idea.


  • Not as sharp as a knife you would cut vegetables with, but works great for cutting pizza.


This uniquely shaped pizza axe is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen, complete with elegant gift box.

The Different Types of Viking Axes

Viking axes were not just weapons but also highly versatile tools. As such, they were used for everyday tasks such as chopping wood. Here are the main types of Viking axes and their uses:

  • Hatchet Axe: This type of axe is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry. It was often used for tasks such as chopping wood or carving.
  • Broad Axe: This type of axe is characterized by its wide blade, which makes it perfect for splitting wood and other heavy-duty tasks.
  • Throwing Axe: Also known as a tomahawk, this small-handled axe is designed for throwing and was typically used in battle to take out opponents from a distance.
  • Battle Axe: This type of axe is heavy and has a long handle, making it perfect for close-quarters combat.
  • Double-Headed Axe: This type of axe has two blades, which makes it even more versatile than other types of axes. It was often used in battle to take down multiple opponents at once.

Also, be mindful of the term Full-Tang which means that the metal of the axe extends all the way down the handle. This adds extra strength and prevents the axe head from falling off the handle after extensive use.

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Note: The following products may use affiliate links, which can allow us to earn commissions if you make a purchase.

This toy 15″ black and gold axe is perfect for fancy dress parties or LARP events.

20 inch Engraved Mohagany Battle Axe

High-quality steel battle axe with a large handle. This is not a toy!

20 inch steel ragnar lothrok axe

Masterfully engraved wolf head on this bearded axe. This sturdy axe made from hardwood and carbon steel is sure to impress.

18 inch High Carbon Steel Viking Axe

Built for work this handmade axe is ideal for felling trees and chopping medium to large logs.

More Viking Axes

How to Choose the Right Viking Axe for You

When choosing a Viking axe, it is important to consider its purpose.

If you are looking for a decorative piece, then you will want to choose an attractively designed axe with intricate carvings.

If however, you are looking for a functional tool then you will want to choose an axe that is well-balanced and made from high-quality materials to ensure it can handle the workload.

Many Viking axes were elaborately carved, which served both functional and aesthetic purposes.

The carvings often depicted Norse gods or other mythological creatures, which served as a reminder of the Vikings’ pagan beliefs. These carvings may have also made the axe more aerodynamic and could help balance the weight of the blade.

Additionally, if you are planning to use your axe, it is important to choose an axe that is the right size for you.

An axe that is too heavy can be difficult to wield, while one that is too light may not be as effective as it could be when chopping wood or during battle.


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