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Viking shields perfect for LARP, re-enactments or collections. Feel the strength & protection of Norse history in your hands showcasing intricate designs.

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  • Viking Shields Buyer's Guide


    Welcome to the world of Viking shields, where history, craftsmanship, and durability meet to provide you with an authentic piece of Viking heritage. Whether you’re a collector, reenactor, or simply fascinated by Viking culture, this guide is designed to help you choose the perfect Viking shield for your needs.

    Material and Construction

    Traditional Viking shields were primarily made from wood, with a metal boss in the center to deflect blows. Modern replicas often follow these historical guidelines, using quality woods like oak or pine, and metal or leather for the boss. Consider the type of wood and construction methods (e.g., plank construction vs. solid piece) as they impact the shield’s authenticity and durability.

    Size and Weight

    Viking shields varied in size but typically ranged from 30 to 36 inches in diameter. The right size for you depends on your use case. For reenactments, a historically accurate size is crucial. For display, consider the space where it will be showcased. Weight is also a consideration, especially for combat training or reenactment; historical accuracy versus ease of handling.

    Design and Customization

    From plain wood finishes to intricate designs, Viking shields offer a wide range of aesthetics. Many sellers offer custom painting or carving, allowing you to own a shield that features traditional Viking motifs, clan symbols, or even personalized designs. Consider what kind of statement you want your shield to make.


    Are you looking for a shield for decorative purposes, reenactment, or actual combat training? The intended use will dictate the level of historical accuracy and durability you need. For decorative pieces, focus on the visual appeal. For reenactment or training, prioritize authenticity and sturdiness.

  • FAQs


    How do I maintain my Viking shield?

    Maintenance depends on the materials. For wooden shields, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures. Use wood conditioners or oils to keep the wood from drying out. Metal parts can be kept rust-free with periodic oiling.

    Can I use a Viking shield for live steel combat?

    Yes, but ensure the shield is designed for combat, focusing on durability and safety features, such as reinforced edges and a sturdy boss. Always check with the manufacturer or seller to confirm its suitability for combat.

    Are these shields historically accurate?

    Accuracy varies among products. Some are meticulously crafted based on archaeological findings and historical texts, while others take creative liberties. Look for sellers who provide information on their research and crafting processes.

    Can I customize my shield?

    Many sellers offer customization options, from the shield’s size and materials to the design painted or carved on the front. Custom orders may take longer and cost more, so plan accordingly.

    What is the significance of the designs on Viking shields?

    Designs could signify various things, including allegiance to a particular leader, clan symbols, religious or mythological significance, or simply personal preference. Traditional designs often include geometric patterns, animal motifs, and representations of Norse mythology.

    How were Viking shields used in battle?

    Viking shields were used not only defensively to block or deflect attacks but also offensively. Warriors could use the edge of the shield to strike or the boss to push opponents. Shields were also part of the shield wall, a defensive formation that was pivotal in Viking battle tactics.

    Where can I learn more about Viking shields and their history?

    Many books, academic papers, and websites are dedicated to Viking history and culture, including detailed studies of their weaponry. Museums with Viking collections and historical reenactment groups are also valuable resources for learning more about these fascinating artifacts.

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