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Explore the most exceptional Viking swords. Authentic Norse blades of quality craftsmanship for collectors, enthusiasts, LARP or as a unique gift.

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  • Viking Swords Buyer's Guide


    Viking swords, revered for their historical significance and craftsmanship, were the weapon of choice among Viking warriors during the 8th to 11th centuries. These swords were not only tools of war but also symbols of power, status, and wealth. Modern replicas of Viking swords are available for collectors, enthusiasts, and practitioners of historical European martial arts. When choosing a Viking sword, consider the following aspects:

    Authenticity and Historical Accuracy

    Look for swords designed with historical accuracy, reflecting the patterns, materials, and construction methods used during the Viking era. Authentic replicas often feature the iconic, wide, double-edged blade and the lobed or straight pommel.

    Materials and Construction

    High-carbon steel is preferred for the blade due to its strength and durability. The construction should be full-tang (the metal of the blade extends into the handle), ensuring stability and resilience in the sword.


    The quality of craftsmanship affects both the sword’s aesthetics and functionality. Hand-forged swords may offer a closer connection to the traditional methods used by Viking blacksmiths.


    Determine whether the sword is for display, reenactment, or practical use. Decorative swords might prioritize appearance over functionality, while battle-ready replicas are built for strength and durability.

    Size and Weight

    Viking swords typically ranged from 90 cm to 100 cm in length. Choose a sword that feels balanced and comfortable in your hands, as historical Vikings would have selected swords suited to their personal fighting style and physique.

  • FAQs


    Are Viking swords legal to own?

    Ownership laws vary by country and region. In many places, owning a Viking sword replica is legal, but there may be restrictions on carrying it in public or displaying it. Always check your local laws and regulations.

    How do I care for my Viking sword?

    Proper maintenance is crucial to preserve your sword. Keep the blade oiled to prevent rust, store it in a dry place, and ensure it is cleaned regularly, especially after handling. Leather components may require conditioning to prevent drying out.

    Can Viking swords be used for cutting practice?

    Only swords specifically labeled as battle-ready or functional should be used for cutting practice. These swords are designed to withstand the impact of cutting soft targets. Always practice in a safe environment and with proper training.

    What is the significance of the inscriptions found on some Viking swords?

    Inscriptions, often in the form of runes, were believed to offer protection, strength, or success in battle to the sword’s bearer. Some inscriptions also served as makers’ marks or dedications.

    How were Viking swords made?

    Viking swords were typically made through a process of pattern welding, a method where different types of iron and steel were forge-welded together and folded numerous times to create a strong, flexible blade. This technique also produced distinctive patterns on the blade, appreciated for both their beauty and craftsmanship.

    What differentiates a Viking sword from other medieval swords?

    Viking swords are distinguished by their design, including the shape of the pommel and the pattern of the grip. The blades are relatively wide, straight, and double-edged, designed for slashing rather than thrusting. The artistic embellishments and construction reflect the Norse culture and aesthetic preferences of the Viking Age.

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