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When it comes to Viking swords there are a lot of different options on the market. So, which one is the best? Well, that depends on your needs and what you plan to use it for. Here is a look at some of the best Viking swords available today.
Stack of Viking swords in a unique display.

Best Viking Swords For Sale

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Best Toy Sword
Realistic Viking Age Foam Sword


  • Large 38″ sword to make a statement.
  • Realistic metallic appearance.


  • Does not come with a belt holder.


With fiberglass inside, this is the perfect accompaniment to Viking costumes without the risk of causing serious harm.

Rare Collectible
Museum Replicas - Erik The Red Viking Sword


  • Mirror-polished 420 stainless steel.
  • Highly intricate handle design.


  • Decorative use only.


A sensational Viking sword of superior craftsmanship. Forged with Marto’s world-renowned quality.

Most Attractive Blade
34 inch Handmade Damascus Steel Viking Sword


  • Has an attractive and unique pattern on the blade.
  • Leather wrap handle for added comfort.


  • Not available in all locations.


Comes complete with a leather sheath for easy transportation. This high-quality sword can handle the toughest cutting challenges.

Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Viking Sword


  • Full Tang for added strength.
  • Custom handmade, hand forged.


  • No engravings, but this means it has a cleaner finish.


This fully functional sword is built to perform. Measuring 49 inches from blade tip to end of handle it also comes with a scabbard to protect the blade when not in use.

Legendary Viking Swords

Viking swords were some of the best in the world during their time. They were incredibly sturdy and could withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them perfect for battle. Their sharp blades could easily slice through flesh and bone, making them deadly weapons.

Viking swords were incredibly popular during the Viking Age. Many Vikings owned their own swords and they were often passed down from generation to generation. Swords were seen as a symbol of power and strength, and owning one was a sign of status.

Viking swords were usually made from iron, which made them very strong and durable. The blades were often decorated with intricate designs, which made them even more special.

Today, Viking swords are still popular among collectors and historical re-enactors. They are beautiful pieces of history that remind us of the skill and craftsmanship of the Vikings.

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Note: The following products may use affiliate links, which can allow us to earn commissions if you make a purchase.

Vikings – Sword of Kings – Limited Edition

This 40″ full tang, mirror-polished stainless steel sword will not last long. Don’t miss out.


Hand-forged Damascus Steel with genuine leather sheath. Ergonomic and well-balanced blade.

New Vikings - Sword of Lagertha

Lagertha, the beautiful Viking shield maiden prefers a sword to an axe, much like her former husband Ragnar.

30 inch Handcrafted Viking Sword

Extremely high-quality carbon steel sword with sheath. Reliable for all your indoor and outdoor activities.

More Viking Swords

Famous Battle Ready Swords

The Viking swords were some of the most iconic and feared swords in history. They were known for their sharp blades and deadly accuracy. The Vikings were fierce people, and their swords were the perfect weapons for their conquests.

One of the most famous Viking swords is the Ulfberht sword. These swords were so popular that they even became collector’s items in modern times. The Ulfberht sword was so well-crafted that it was able to withstand blows from other swords, making it the perfect weapon for battle.

The Vikings were a proud people, and their swords were a symbol of their strength and power. These swords are still revered today as some of the most iconic weapons in history.

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