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Step into the past with our high quality Viking armor. Authentic designs perfect for re-enactments, LARP, collections or themed events

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  • Viking Armor Buyer's Guide


    Embark on a journey back in time and arm yourself with the might of the Vikings. Our collection of Viking body armor is not just protective gear; it’s a testament to the strength, craftsmanship, and spirit of the Viking era. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a reenactor, or someone who appreciates the unique blend of functionality and aesthetics, this guide is your compass to choosing the perfect armor.

    Understanding Viking Armor

    Viking armor was designed to be robust, versatile, and intimidating. The primary components included chainmail shirts (byrnies), helmets, and shields. Leather and metal were commonly used materials, providing both flexibility and durability. While the Vikings did not typically wear full suits of armor as seen in later medieval knights, their gear was practical and effective.

    Key Considerations

    • Material: Authenticity and protection levels vary by material. Steel offers the highest level of protection, ideal for combat sports or full-contact reenactment. Leather, on the other hand, is lighter and more suited for costumes or light reenactments.
    • Weight and Comfort: Viking armor was made to be worn in battle, so it’s essential to balance protection with comfort. Consider the weight and fit of the armor to ensure you can move freely.
    • Craftsmanship: Look for armor that pays homage to the intricate designs and durability of Viking craftsmanship. Hand-forged pieces with historical patterns and motifs add an authentic touch to your ensemble.
    • Purpose: Are you gearing up for a reenactment, a themed event, or display purposes? Your intended use should guide your choice in terms of authenticity, protection, and price point.
  • FAQs


    How accurate are the replicas?

    Our collection strives for historical accuracy, using traditional materials and methods whenever possible. However, modern adaptations exist for safety and comfort.

    Can Viking armor be custom-fitted?

    Yes, many of our pieces can be custom-fitted to ensure the best possible comfort and protection. We recommend providing your measurements for a personalized fit.

    Is Viking armor suitable for women?

    Absolutely. Viking women were known to be as fierce as their male counterparts. Our armor is designed to fit and protect all warriors, regardless of gender.

    How do I maintain my Viking armor?

    Maintenance varies by material. For steel armor, regular oiling is necessary to prevent rust. Leather armor should be cleaned with appropriate leather care products. Always store your armor in a dry, cool place.

    Are there any restrictions on wearing Viking armor at public events?

    While Viking armor is generally welcomed at historical reenactments and themed events, some venues may have specific rules, especially regarding weapons. Always check event guidelines before attending.

    How does Viking armor compare to medieval knight armor?

    Viking armor was designed for mobility and speed, favoring lighter materials and less body coverage compared to the heavy plate armor of medieval knights. The focus was on practicality and effectiveness in the types of combat Vikings engaged in.

    Can children wear Viking armor?

    We offer a range of sizes, including options for children. However, supervision is advised to ensure safety, especially during active play or reenactment.

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