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Step back into the Viking era with these high quality costumes. Perfect for parties, cosplay & re-enactments. Men's, women's & kids' sizes available.

Our Most Highly Rated Viking Costumes

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Types of Viking Costumes

There are so many types of Viking Costumes and they fall into the following categories. Click on each one to find what you are searching for.

Mens Viking Costumes

Mens Nordic Viking Costume, Adult Norse Warrior Outfit, Realistic Viking Costume for Men, Halloween Costume and Roleplay Large

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Costume for Men Adult Vikings Costume Medium

California Costumes Men's Mighty Viking Costume Small/Medium

Discover our range of historically inspired men's Viking costumes. Authentic, high-quality outfits for re-enactments, cosplay, parties & themed events.

Womens Viking Costumes

California Costumes Viking Princess Adult Costume, Large

Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Costume for Women, Adult Norse Warrior Shield Maiden Costume Small

Adult Winter Warrior Costume for Women, Renaissance Women's Attire, Caped Medieval Fighter Halloween Outfit Large

Explore our women's Viking costumes for parties, re-enactments, cosplay. Perfect blend of historical accuracy & modern style. Feel like a Viking queen.

Kids Viking Costumes

Fighting Viking Boys Costume - M

Gafeng Kids Medieval Knight Costume Tunic Renaissance V Neck Shirt Viking Vintage Warrior Halloween Tops

Kid's Victorious Viking Costume for Girls, For Halloween or Renaissance Dress Up Parties X-Large

Transform your child into a Viking hero! Our kids Viking costumes are perfect for play, parties & educational fun. For girls & boys in various styles.

Viking Costume Accessories

LOOYAR PU Foam Viking Two Handed Axe Weapon Toy Adult Toy for Berserker Soldier Warrior Costume Battle Play Halloween Cosplay LARP

Fun Costumes Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Red Toy Shield Standard

LOOYAR Vikings Viking Age Middle Ages Medieval PU Foam Sword Weapon Toy for Berserker Soldier Knight Warrior Costume Battle Play Halloween Cosplay LARP Medieval Reenactments

Find the perfect Viking costume accessories. helmets, shields & more to enhance your Norse warrior ensemble. Shop now & stand out at your event.

  • Viking Costumes Buyer's Guide


    Embarking on a quest to find the perfect Viking costume can be as thrilling as the sagas of old. Whether you’re preparing for a historical reenactment, a themed event, or Halloween, the right attire will transport you back to the age of Vikings.

    This guide will navigate you through the fjords of choosing your costume, ensuring you emerge as a true Norseman or woman.

    Understanding Viking Attire

    Viking clothing was functional, made to withstand the harsh climates of Scandinavia. Men typically wore tunics and trousers, while women donned long dresses with aprons. Both sexes wore cloaks for warmth. When selecting your costume, look for these key elements to ensure authenticity.

    Material Matters

    Vikings used what was readily available, meaning a lot of wool, linen, and fur. For an authentic look, seek out costumes made from these materials or convincing synthetics. Avoid overly shiny or plastic-looking fabrics that detract from realism.

    Color and Patterns

    The Vikings had access to a wide range of dyes, producing colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. However, they favored natural hues. Choose costumes with earthy tones or natural dye colors for authenticity. Simple patterns or embroidery can add a touch of Norse elegance.

    Accessories Make the Viking

    No Viking ensemble is complete without the right accessories. Leather belts, arm rings, and brooches can elevate your costume. Weapons like swords, axes, or shields are iconic, but ensure they’re event-appropriate. Don’t forget the footwear—leather boots can round off your outfit nicely.

    Choosing Your Persona

    Decide whether you’re a warrior, a seer, a chieftain, or a simple farmer. Your role can influence your costume choice, from armor and helmets for warriors to simple tunics and cloaks for farmers. Ladies, consider whether you’re a shieldmaiden or a noblewoman, as this will guide your dress and accessory choices.

  • FAQs


    How accurate do Viking costumes need to be?

    It depends on the event. For historical reenactments, strive for accuracy. For parties or Halloween, feel free to have fun with it. When in doubt, lean towards authenticity for a more immersive experience.

    Can I wear a horned helmet?

    Despite popular belief, Vikings did not wear horned helmets. For historical accuracy, choose a simple, unadorned helmet or none at all. However, horned helmets can be fun for less serious occasions.

    Are Viking costumes suitable for all ages?

    Absolutely! Viking costumes can be adapted for any age, making them perfect for family events or group costumes. Just ensure the fit and accessories are appropriate for the wearer.

    How can I make my Viking costume stand out?

    Focus on the details. Hand-stitched embroidery, historically accurate jewelry, and well-chosen accessories can make your costume memorable. Personalizing your outfit to reflect a specific Viking persona can also set you apart.

    Can I create my own Viking costume?

    Definitely! For a DIY Viking costume, choose natural fabrics like linen and wool for tunics and dresses. Use leather scraps for belts and arm guards, and add faux fur for warmth and style. Create jewelry with Norse designs. Focus on sturdy, simple construction, and consider aging the costume for authenticity. This approach allows for a personalized touch while maintaining historical accuracy.

    How do I care for my Viking costume?

    Care instructions will vary depending on the materials. Generally, avoid machine washing to prevent damage. Handwash or spot clean with mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Store in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew or fabric damage.

Trending Viking Products

Carfar Medieval Vikings Era Full Adult Size 30inch Warrior Shield Handmade Natural Wood Carved Battle Play Halloween Cosplay (Leif Erikson)

30″ Wooden Carved Viking Shield

Handcrafted from solid wood and iron, this full-size Viking shield, perfect for decor or cosplay, embodies craftsmanship and historical spirit. Ideal for enthusiasts and collectors.

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5MOONSUN5 Horn Viking Drinking Mug Cups Tumbler Ale Beer Wine Goblet Tankard Mead Medieval Tumbler Ox Horn Beaker Vessels A Handmade set of 2 from (HBCUP-573)

Set of 2 10 Oz Simple Horn Cup Tumblers

Authentic buffalo horn Viking Mug offers a true medieval drinking experience, perfect for historical enthusiasts and fans of fantasy themes.

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California Costumes Viking Princess Adult Costume, Large

Womens Viking Vixen Costume

The Women's Viking Vixen Costume offers a bold, adventurous look with a customizable skirt, made from durable polyester and faux fur, perfect for themed events.

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Topfeel 3PCS Butcher Knife Set, Hand Forged Serbian Chef Knife & Meat Cleaver Knife & Viking Knives, Meat Cutting Kitchen Knife Set for Home, Outdoor Cooking, Camping BBQ Gift Idea Men

3 Piece Viking Knife Stainless Steel Set

The Topfeel 3PCS Butcher Knife Set offers hand-forged, multifunctional chef, cleaver, and Viking knives with high carbon steel blades and comfortable rosewood handles.

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Minnesota Vikings Framed 10" x 18" Stadium Panoramic Collage with Game-Used Football - Limited Edition of 500 - NFL Game Used Football Collages

Limited Edition Framed Stadium Collage

This limited edition Vikings panoramic collage with game-used football is a collector's gem, bridging fans with the team's storied legacy and spirit.

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