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Transform your child into a Viking hero! Our kids Viking costumes are perfect for play, parties & educational fun. For girls & boys in various styles.

Our Most Highly Rated Kids Viking Costumes

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  • Kids Viking Costumes Buyer's Guide


    Welcome to your ultimate guide for purchasing Kids Viking Costumes. Whether you’re preparing for a school event, a themed birthday party, or simply looking to inspire imaginative play, our selection of Viking costumes for kids will transport your child back to the era of Norse mythology and legendary explorers.

    Choosing the Right Size

    • Measure First: Before you browse, measure your child’s height, chest, and waist to ensure a comfortable fit. Many costumes offer size charts for reference.
    • Consider Growth: If you’re buying for an event a few months away, consider your child’s growth spurts. It might be wise to go a size up.

    Material and Comfort

    • Breathable Fabrics: Look for costumes made from cotton or polyester blends for comfort and durability.
    • Ease of Movement: Ensure the costume allows for easy movement, essential for play and participation in activities.

    Authenticity and Detail

    • Historical Accuracy: While absolute historical accuracy might not be essential for a child’s costume, look for elements that evoke the Viking era, such as faux fur trims, tunics, and capes.
    • Accessories: Many costumes come with accessories like helmets, shields, and swords. Check what’s included to avoid additional purchases.

    Safety Considerations

    • Non-Toxic Materials: Ensure fabrics and accessories are made from non-toxic materials, especially important for younger children who may put items in their mouths.
    • Safe Accessories: Look for soft, flexible accessories to prevent injuries during play.

    Ease of Maintenance

    • Washability: Opt for costumes that are machine washable for easy cleanup after adventures.
    • Durability: Consider the costume’s construction to ensure it withstands active play and multiple uses.
  • FAQs


    What age groups do you cater to with your Viking costumes?

    Our collection includes costumes for toddlers through to pre-teens, ensuring a wide range for different ages and sizes.

    Can the costumes be used for educational purposes?

    Absolutely! Our Viking costumes are great for school projects, book reports, and educational plays, providing a fun and immersive learning experience.

    Are there any safety concerns with the accessories?

    We prioritize safety; all accessories are designed with child-safe materials and rounded edges to minimize risk during play.

    How do I care for and maintain the costume?

    Most costumes are machine washable in cold water. We recommend hanging them to dry. Read the specific care instructions on each costume for the best results.

    Can these costumes be used for outdoor play?

    Yes, our costumes are designed to be durable and comfortable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. However, we recommend avoiding rough surfaces to prevent wear and tear.

    Are there any Viking costumes for girls?

    Yes, we offer a range of Viking costumes that cater to all children, including historically inspired warrior princess costumes and mythical Norse goddess outfits.

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