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If you're looking for the best Viking costumes for children, you've come to the right place. We have reviewed a wide selection of top-quality costumes perfect for LARP, cosplay, fancy dress parties, or if your son or daughter just wants to be a Viking!

Best Viking Costumes For Children

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Note: The following products may use affiliate links, which can allow us to earn commissions if you make a purchase.

Best Mythological
Boys Archangel Costume


  • Includes white tunic, chest armor, wings, headband, wrist & shin guards.
  • Different sizes.


  • Does not include the sword and shield as shown in the photo.


Norse Mythology talks of Gods and divine beings including Archangels. Dress to impress with this amazing costume.

Best Cape
Girl's Winter Warrior Costume


  • High-quality materials.
  • Various sizes.


  • Does not include pants or boots.


Replica of the Women's Winter Warrior costume to allow for a Mother & Daughter combination. Includes faux leather jacket, a tweed skirt, matching tweed cape and faux leather belt.

Boys Viking Tunic


  • Authentic-looking tunic.
  • Various sizes and color options.


  • Only the tunic is included, not the belt, pants, or sword.


This genuine-looking tunic is perfect for LARP, cosplay, or just a fancy dress party. While you do need to add your own belt and pants, the tunic is the centerpiece here!

Best Girl Warrior
Girl's Hildagaard Warrior Costume


  • Very impressive
  • Multiple sizes.


  • Does not include the sword and shield from the photo.


This impressive costume includes a dress with a short fur cape, plus arm, and leg warmers, all with fake fur for that authentic look.

Kids Viking Costume Ideas

The Viking Age was a time when Scandinavians sailed the seas in their longships, raiding and trading in different parts of the world. If your son or daughter wants to dress up as a Viking kid, there are many possibilities for character ideas. Here are our favorite kid's Viking Age costume ideas:

  • Brave Warrior - Viking children started training young for battle and fighting was not limited to just boys.
  • Skilled Blacksmith - These talented workers were responsible for crafting the weapons and armor for the warriors.
  • Famer of farmhand - Gathering supplies for fellow villagers, these roles were essential to ensure everyone was well fed and comfortable.
  • Norse God or Goddess - Often the most popular roles to play, these mythological Gods & Goddesses had strength, power, and abilities beyond mere mortals.

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Note: The following products may use affiliate links, which can allow us to earn commissions if you make a purchase.

Avengers Endgame Child Thor Costume

Become the Norse God Thor as he was when fighting in the Marvel movie - Avengers Endgame.

Long Dress Warrior Costume

The shiny fabric gives the appearance of real armor. Plus you can upgrade to a bundle to add a shield.

Sleeveless Viking Tunic

This unique lace-up pirate-style shirt is available in different colors and sizes.

Girls Simple Viking Costume

Available in different sizes, this costume includes a brown and white dress, a light brown robe, and a knotted white rope belt.

More Kids Viking Costumes

What Did Viking Children Wear

Viking children, like their parents, wore clothes that were both functional and stylish. Wool was the main fabric used for clothing, as it was warm and durable. Vikings also used linen, which was cooler to wear in the summer months.

Both boys and girls wore tunics that came down to their knees. These could be belted at the waist, and sometimes had a hood. Boys also wore trousers, while girls usually wore skirts. In colder weather, children would wear cloaks or capes to keep warm.

Footwear consisted of thick woolen socks and leather shoes or boots. These were often decorated with intricate designs and sometimes had metal details.

Viking children, like their parents, took great pride in their appearance. They would often wear jewelry and other accessories, such as brooches and belts. Hair was usually worn long and loose, or braided into intricate styles.

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