Who is The Strongest God in Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is full of interesting characters with mythical powers and incredible strengths. But with all these interesting giants and deities, you might wonder, “who’s the strongest of them all?”

In this article, we’re going to identify the strongest god in Norse mythology in terms of physical strength. We will of course need to consider the numerous "strong" gods to see if we have a clear winner.

The Strongest Norse God 

According to myths and legends, Thor may be the strongest God in Norse mythology. Thor is the god of lightning, thunder, and strength. 

Unsurprisingly, Thor is also one of the most worshipped gods by the Scandanavians in the Viking age, throughout the Roman occupation, and even during the Christianization of Scandanavia. 

In Norse text, Thor is described as fierce-eyed, red-haired, and with a red beard. He wears the belt Megingjörð (megin, in Norse, means strength) and an iron glove called Járngreipr which is believed to be crucial for wielding his hammer. 

Thor wields the sacred hammer, Mjölnir, used as a weapon of destruction and an instrument of blessings. Worshippers wear an image of the Mjölnir as a necklace as proof of their faith and hope that the god of thunder will favour them. 

Thor’s strength was pretty much on display throughout Norse texts as he was said to slaughter all his enemies. He was also pitted against the Midgard serpent, Jörmungandr, in which he became victorious but later died from the serpent’s poison. 

Is Thor More Powerful Than Odin?

Despite Thor’s incredible physical strength, he might not be as powerful as Odin. Odin’s power comes from knowledge and wisdom whereas Thor’s come from his strength. The classic battle of brain vs brawn.

Odin is the wisest of all gods and he has the gift of foresight. Hence, the entire Asgard is in his command. Odin is the chief god of Asgard and is considered the most powerful deity in Norse mythology. 

Other Strong Gods

Thor is, by no means, the only strong god in Norse mythology. Other gods were also noted for their incredible physical strength.


Fenrir is an all-powerful wolf and also the son of Loki. According to the prophecy, Fenrir will swallow the Allfather, Odin, in Ragnarok. 

His physical strength was put on display when the gods decided to restrain him using large chains which he broke out of twice. 


Vidar the god of vengeance, was believed to be one of the strongest deities second only to Thor himself. In Ragnarok, he proved his strength when he avenged his father's death and killed the giant wolf, Fenrir. 


Tyr, the god of law, justice, and war, is also among the strongest and bravest ones. In Ragnarok, he was pitted against Garm and they were destined to kill one another. 

Final Thoughts

Norse mythology is full of characters of strength, from gods and goddesses to giants and men. But among them all, the strongest character in terms of physical strength is believed to be Thor. 

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