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Stack of Viking swords in a unique display.

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Best Replica Helmet
Riddell NFL Full Size Replica Speed Helmet


  • Accurate replica of speed football helmets
  • Made of high-quality plastic


  • Cannot be used for competitive play


A replica of the Riddell Vikings Speed helmet used by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2015 NFL. It's made of high-quality polycarbonate material and is perfect for autograph signing and collector's items. This item is not suitable for competitive play.

Smallest Helmet
NFL Riddell Speed Pocket-Size Micro Helmet


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Arrives in original factory packaging
  • Accurate mini replica


  • Too small for helmet signing


This mini NFL Riddell Speed replica is the perfect decoration for offices, rooms, and man caves. It's made with durable polycarbonate plastic and is painted with a purple Minnesota Vikings finish. It's an accurate mini-replica of what NFL players use in the collegiate and professional gridiron.

Best mini helmet
Riddell Speed Mini Helmet


  • Accurate half-scale replica of Vikings Speed helmet
  • Includes interior padding and chinstrap
  • Great for autograph signing


  • Cannot be used for sports


This mini Vikings Speed helmet is a half-scale replica of the Minnesota Vikings' NFL helmet. It has a padded interior and chinstrap for accuracy. Made with high-quality polycarbonate plastic. This helmet is great for autograph signing and as a collector's item.

Best decor

Pegasus Sports NFL Rotating Levitating Hover Helmet


  • Innovative design uses electromagnetic force to levitate the helmet
  • An accurate half-sized replica of NFL helmets


  • Lacks LED lighting at the top


This levitating helmet replica uses electromagnetic force to make the helmet float. The helmet can spin mid-air continually and has dramatic lighting coming from the bottom to highlight the helmet. This is a high-quality half-size replica of real NFL helmets. The perfect decor for offices, rooms, and man caves.

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Note: The following products may use affiliate links, which can allow us to earn commissions if you make a purchase.

Randy Moss Autographed Vikings Eclipse Mini Helmet

Hand Signed with JSA authentication, tamper-proof sticker and certificate of authenticity.

Adrian Peterson Signed Vikings Speed Full-Size Helmet

Full-size Vikings speed football helmet autographed by Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Comes with a JSA COA.

Randy Moss Straight Cash Homie Autographed Vikings Full-Size Helmet

Hand-signed Vikings speed helmet with a "straight cash homie" inscription. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from Beckett.

Riddell NFL Minnesota Vikings Speed Helmet - Medium

Vikings Speed helmet with a new distinctive, aggressive shell design by Ridell, the official helmet of the NFL. Perfect for autographs and collector's items.

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